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专门开个帖子收集给位为Google工作的MM的资料,如果你也有兴趣,请将她们的照片和她们在Google的职务等信息发送到这里。第一位进入我们资料库的是:Jessica Behling, Google Base Support(照片)

Jessica Behling

Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm quickly approaching my one year anniversary with the Google Base team. A few days before I started with Google, I drove across half the country with my sister, two cats, and anything I could cram into the leftover space in my car. I've spent most of my life in Wisconsin and was more than happy to leave the snow behind! Outside of work, one of my favorite things to do is eat Korean food with a group of Googlers known as the Korean Food Club. When I'm not trying new food, you can find me visiting San Francisco, going to the movies, or relaxing and reading new books...
(via:Spotlight on a Support Team Member: Jessica Behling)